Pokemon Aquamarine Version ROM v3.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Aquamarine
Released DateNovember 21, 2023


This magnificent Pokemon Aquamarine Version ROM hack of FireRed & all the credit goes to the developer Vaporeon22. Players can find this distinguish gameplay is very popular & they feel blessed. It is similar to the others that we quoted before some stories and is mysterious besides adventurous too. They will be helpful by playing this impressive game.

Surprisingly, the game set out with a strange dream of the user. Behind this matter, there is hidden a vast history. Aquamarine is one type of emerald that shows out in an event in the Kanto Region. The esteemed professor, Mr. Palm has told you that you ventured into a Mew. If we go back to its source, we will find that a group of scientists (Team Tactix) made an experiment. Being inspired by the Mewtwo event, approximately 7 years before they did a wrong investigation. As a result, the players have turned into a Mew & for that people blame the scientists & responsible for them for their dire circumstances. So, it’s the players’ turn how they back to their original human body by surviving this figure of Mew.


  • Users may observe the new plot of S.A. & the sub-area of Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica.
  • The beginners are assuming here as Eevee.
  • Here the players may create a new story based on gender or diverging plot.
  • You can add the Pokemon & accustom Fakemon from the  Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola regions.
  • The Fairy-type Pokemon with their moveability is also available.
  • The PHYS/SPEC growth is breaking up i.e. separating.
  • The trainers are also customized & the Pokemon in each game are usable.


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