Pokemon Peridot ROM v1.18 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon Peridot
DeveloperSea Tree
Released DateJanuary 19, 2023


Peridot ROM is a crystal hack and it is available for GBC. Users can also find the game enjoyable because the gameplay contains fun activities. This game is about a jewel that is precious. The whole game is engrossed through this metalistic. Now from her, the story is going to take a new turn. The incident occurred in a new region of the map that has still yet not exposed the name. Before playing, the game must have a Demo for practicing. Then the Demo will hand over the players to the fourth gym.

Its story being a brief one, is getting to be obtained a small sidequests. There is not enough space & for that the story is small. Consequently, the story’s lack of needed implements is no longer within the gameplay. It involves a group of robbers who are aiming to steal i.e. snatch away the jewelry. You have to fight against them & defeat them & save the jewelry appropriately. Thus it comes to an end.


  • The users can observe a brand-latest region or area to investigate the region.
  • Gold & Silver types not-utilizing Pokemon can get from various points of advancement.
  • None but two enemies you will capture here.
  • Without a permit or order the Gyms can be finished.
  • Each trader will come to this map during the game trades.
  • The fight can not be quit till the players defeat their foe or the leader.
  • There will be an unavailable Physical/special break-up.
  • Especially the darkness will be transformed into a physical & mostly ghost type.
  • The fairy-type Pokemon are attached & few moves become standard.
  • Trade evolutions, move pools as well as stats modified to the reflection of modern generations.
  • TMs are recyclable & the PC besides the battle UI is updated.
  • Users will get the NPC gift after completion of the level mysteriously & which will contribute to the player almost 3 items.


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