Pokemon Emerald: Trashlocke Edition ROM v1.0 [GBA] Download

ROM NamePokemon Emerald: Trashlocke Edition
Released DateAugust 16, 2020


The Pokemon Emerald Trashlocke Edition ROM is an Emerald hack. The developer of this game is PokemonChallenges. Users will be grateful to the creator for offering them such kind of gameplay. The game starts with a Pokedex that is well-trimmed i.e. hand-picked. The design of the Pokemon reflects the design philosophy that will amaze the users. Each & every Pokemon with their viability from the Gen 3 is discussed. In the Twitch chat a debate was made about whether we can place the Pokemon or not at all.

There are some changes in the Pokedex area such as wild Pokemon, static encounters & NPCs. All of these are restricted as there is a reason behind this matter. Also created an offense that the Pokemon are destroyed by the bad Pokemon & beating them as possible. It has an aim & is to optimize the Nuzlocke challenge. According to this fact in mind for the users, will find the game more fun & enjoyable. So, players are now free in mind to utilize the unavailable evolution of trade. Therefore Onix, Machoke as well and haunter are there in the game.


  • The encounters are made for the bad Pokemon & the intention is to ruin those Pokemon who have accessibility.
  • You can make a change for your beginners & convert them into Slugma, Sunkern, and Goldeen.
  • Besides these, the encounters with Pokemon changed their static ability.
  • The access i.e. the movement of running is now restricted properly for certain areas.
  • During the gameplay, there are also changing some cutscenes at the very opening.
  • The new maps & any particular region is not found.
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