Pocket Gaiden ROM v1.3 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePocket Gaiden
Released DateJune 22, 2020


The Pocket Gaiden ROM is an emerald hack & was developed by Mantager. The captain of the Pocket Gaiden, a berry farmer & his name was Pulp. He dwells in an unnamed residence in the region of China. He is a hard-working farmer & has a garden of berry fruit. Though his garden was full of delicious berries he had no peace in his mind. His mindset corrupts him as his town or area exhausts his rural life & nothing will change in this region. So he decides to go to other regions, Honzhu a town full of bustling.

Everything was going well but there was a problem undergone to his life. His dream is to fund the money but he needs a proper way to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, his truck which he used for delivering the fruit from here & there, has broken down completely. Without having money, it will be impossible for him to redesign the truck to deliver the berries. despite these advantages, Pulp with his thinking, has gone on a journey that is now more difficult & the Pokeballs, and the potions are extremely greedy.


  • Users may observe the garden of berry here in this gameplay.
  • The journey has begun with excitement but remains incomplete.
  • Players will find the new region as mentioned before within the ROM.
  • There are some adversities & complexity while playing the game.
  • Most of the levels are hard & critical that users may capture.
  • Similarly, the players will get the opportunity to revive & again return to the game if defeated one time.


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