Pokemon Jupiter GBA ROM v6.04 [Ruby Hack] Download

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ROM NamePokemon Jupiter
DeveloperCorvus of the Black Night
Released DateLatest Updated


Jupiter is a Pokemon ROM and hack of Ruby. Players can play the game with the maximum graphics on the GBA emulator. The developer Corvus of the Black Night brings a new update with a few changes and some bug fixes. You can find various Pokemon of different generations and abilities. Now, the player can catch them in the Pokeball and train them as well. Also, the very important thing is the evolution where Pokemon upgrade to the next level. It increased and added lots of benefits and power. So, you get a better advantage on Pokemon fights using the evolve Pokemon.

Here the main characters are named Lvan and Charon. Now, Lvan travels the Mynoan and meets Rachel who is also a Pokemon trainer. Start the adventurous journey and battle with the Gym Leader to get the prizes. The graphics and visuals of this game are fantastic and find well-designed Pokemon characters as well. A unique and interesting storyline and different generations of Pokemon make the game more appealing.


  1. Find various Pokemon from all generations and each contains a new ability.
  2. Fairy Pokemon are available to use.
  3. All Pokemon come with evolution and it helps increase their power.
  4. The game introduces background sound and music and players can control them.
  5. Catch Pokemon and train them for more advantage in fighting.


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