Pokemon Dreary ROM v1.4 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Dreary
Released DateMarch 26, 2019


Pokemon Dreary as mentioned in the play, is a furious hack. It is available for GBA. The game has a unique and excellent storyline if the users can notice here. Moreover, the multi-featured options make the game most popular for the players to run & play. Though it has a short story, but has a long duration till the end of the game. Such kind of ROM will conquer every boy’s mind.

The adventure is set in the core heart of the nationwide map Kanto. Nobody will be there who is even unknown to this region. It is an esteemed place for fighting & war. If we go back into the mainstream, we will find that the Kanto region is in great trouble to face. After a long exploration, the users will come to know there occurred a battle between the “Team Rocket” & the Pokemon GYM fighter. The notorious group destroyed almost the entire region but it is still alive just for the GYM leader & commander. Now, it is the time to return to the rivals to fight against them. Before that incident, it will be most important for the players to visit the Indigo Plateau. Here they can observe a variety of Pokemon. The users can choose a few of them & prepare for battle.


  • This gameplay has a short but impressive story to listen to the users.
  • The PHYS/SPEC moveability will be separated i.e. broken up here.
  • According to the players, they can play the game either day or night system.
  • Artificial Intelligence shortly to say A.I. is now updated to expand its capacity during playtime.
  • In the plateau, players will obtain the modern Pokemon of various species.
  • Customize the soundtrack according to their requirements.
  • Set in your journey from the last moment of your death & continue it until get the victory.


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