Pokemon Ultra FireRed XD ROM v1.3 [Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Ultra Fire Red XD
Released DateSeptember 9, 2004


Pokemon Ultra FireRed XD ROM is a hack full of adventure & the main theme of it is so captivating. It has a unique storyline that we can find throughout the whole game. The gameplay being popular is now providing more advantages. So, without talking too much we are going to explore the twist of this game. Also, it set out with the suffering of a man who is going to die. He was lying on the floor of his newly released GYM center.

Before some days, he had participated in a Pokemon battle. During the battle, he was beaten by his rivals. On this very day, he will make a conscious decision. He is supposed to visit the doctor & wants to take some advice for his proper rest. He is nothing but a renowned GYM leader named Kanye East of the region Fochun. Being slips off into a coma, he realizes the Kanto Region in his dream. He assumes that everything was better before this situation. At a certain time, he guesses unmindfully that it is not Kanto. He questions himself who are these trainers & megas who take their name just like stupid? It is all about an excuse to return to his fairyland & shout Kanto!


  • Here the users will play the role of a warrior in the battle.
  • You will observe the battleground full of monsters & enemies.
  • The players will have to face hard challenges & survive now.
  • The sprites & the ghost-types attacking Pokemon are hereby found in this gameplay.
  • Rivals are more ferocious than you.
  • Now you can use Legendary & Powerful Pokemon to defeat your foes.
  • Kanto is the main region where the game is set.


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