Pokemon Battle Labyrinth ROM v1.3.1[Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Battle Labyrinth
Version v1.3.1
Developer eatthepear
Released DateFebruary 5, 2022


This emerald ROM hack named Pokemon Battle Labyrinth has started from the heart of the world map, the Unova region. The renowned doctor of the Unova region  Dr. Colress is going to an experiment. For that purpose, you are cordially requested to engage in the experiment so that it might be a successful one. With the best level of his capacity as well as with a long experience, Dr. Colress can discover a particular reproduction, especially for the Pokemon trainers by which they can be more efficient and more capable.

The experiment finally succeeds and the name given by Dr. Colress is The Pokemon Labyrinth used for battle. Now you can take part in attacking and for that, you may face challenges and you need to be initiated through the gauntlet. This is the perfect time to maintain your capability. Besides that, the trainers can be constructed as a Pokemon squad of generations 1-8 surprisingly and definitely can conquer the battle by utilizing this ROM hack arcade-esque.


  • Pokemon of generations 1-8 are predominantly clutch-able as well as applicable.
  • Quite a few Pokemon have been readjustment and modified in some way with their base stats, capabilities, move pools, typing, and so on.
  • Extraordinary features used here are the battle engine along with the 7th-generation battle engine besides the massive transformation.
  • The levels are strong and harassing also, maybe some shops will fulfill your every necessity according to their requirement.
  • Here you may find two more complex modes, one of them is ignore and the other one is savage.
  • There is an election mode of accidental. In this mode, you will get some rewards using your Pokemon and scatter the wild.
  • The next one is the Nuzlocke mode which is enforced with different types of clauses as Species, Shiny, and Dupes.


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