Pokemon Emerald Genesis ROM 2.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Emerald Genesis
VersionBeta 2.1
Released Date May 4, 2020


This Pokemon game is an improvement hack of Emerald. Several times we have found that its gameplay is so captivating. The users are now also realizing it is more beneficial. Though they have played before as we mentioned. The storyline is authentic given here. There is a fine & smooth capacity that the Pokemon have within this gameplay. It is about an emerald & the rivals from every corner of the world are searching for the precious metal.

It is imaginarily set in the region of Hoenn. Supposedly you are a Pokemon trainer as well as a grim fighter of this region. You similarly are finding this Emerald like your foe. After a certain time, consider that the emerald is hidden in a cave. You are too, much willing to grab this emerald at any cost. So, set on a journey & reach there consequently. Also, players will look at some critical enemies are coming towards them to attack. So, get ready to show your magical power. As soon as the battle starts & surprisingly by beating one by one you win the battle. Hence you snatch the emerald in your grip.


  • Users can find here almost 30 new Pokemon from the 4th to 7th Gen.
  • All Pokeballs along with Kurt’s Apricot Poke balls are now available for utilizing the battlefield.
  • Find the Fairy-type Pokemon in the hack.
  • The PHYS/SPEC split is now divided or separated.
  • Extraordinarily, the EV/IV checker is now more beneficial to the users.
  • The B/W repel systems with several customized songs make the users glad.
  • You can observe that the difficulty levels are increasing day by day.
  • A vast type of Pokemon, approximately 386 Pokemon are available throughout the story.


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