Pokemon Black & White 3: Genesis ROM v1.2 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Black & White 3: Genesis
Released DateMarch 10, 2023


The GBC ROM game Pokemon Black & White 3: Genesis has the aftereffect in an intentionally. The edited versions of Black 2/White 2 are now more effective. Now users can obtain more advanced, skills and movement here with a huge description. It is the game that occurs in Unova, an esteemed place in the map of the gameplay. It incident took place around 5 years after the event  B2/W2. Supposedly you are a youthful Pokemon trainer. In the heart of the region, Humilau City where the game begins with gracious. The adventurous game is now going to take up a trip in and around the region of the world. Now as a trainer, your aim should be to snatch the Pokemon, assemble the GYM badges, and restrict the planning of the squad who are the incomprehensible. A specific group is appointed to be the team of Plasma for some more advantages to play this game. An evil group named Team Plasma, you can find who are already dispersed most likely from years ago. That’s why the game is helpful, you can easily take the lead.


  • Players can also find here the miscellaneous Pokemon about 253 come from 5 generations.
  • Within the first 5 generations, 255 moves are available till now.
  • The Pokemon besides special ones have also physical power too.
  • Their power has been converted according to their 5-Gen stats of fit.
  • You can also see here that some fairy-type Pokemon are adjoining a type chart.
  • The specific thing is the variety of belongings from modern games.
  • There may be some changes for instance level-up, level-up with item, and so on.
  • In this game, the TMs and the Repels are also recyclable.


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