Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM v1.22 LSA [FireRed Hack] Download

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ROM NamePokemon Ultra Violet
Released DateJune 10, 2018


Pokemon Ultra Violet is a pre-patched hack of Fire Red and contains a new story mode. The gameplay has lots of noticeable changes and players can find 1st, 2nd generation Pokemon. Now, to be a Pokemon trainer, choose a starter Pokemon based on your choice and start the journey. You get a few Pokeballs from Professor Oak to catch new Pokemon and create a good collection. During travel, meet new people and also choose friends for a few helps.

The player’s main goal should be to train the exciting Pokemon and try to increase their ability. Now, take the challenges from various Gym leaders in different locations. Collect the Gym Badges by winning the fight or battle. There are two inslands available on this title and explore the region to discover new elements.


  1. Find a new game tile with a unique storyline.
  2. Players have the freedom to choose any starter Pokemon to start the trainer journey.
  3. Explore both islands and discover hidden items as well as new Pokemon.
  4. Get all 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon and catch them in the Pokeball.
  5. Trained all your Pokemon to improve their power and ability for better advantages during battle.


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