Countryball: Catch ’em All! ROM v3.6.4.1[Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NameCountryball
Version v3.6.4.1
Developer4chan’s /int/ board
Released Date December 14, 2019


This game Countryball: Catch ’em All! ROM is a FireRed hack and is available for the Gameboy Advance emulator. With the name of the game, we are going to be curious about an adventure full of excitement. The players will be content to play such kinds of interesting ROMs. Though this game has a brief storyline also it has an inner meaning that is vast. So without talking too much, we are just a foot away from knowing about this nice one.

The gameplay inaugurates from a little part of the nationwide map & that is Sintia region. The main game is going to start now. The player i.e. warrior will set off on their journey on a battlefield that will occur in this region. This fighting is also known as the Flag League. In this area, there are no more than eight fighters who participate in this battle. Your only target is to defeat those flag-masters. Hence, you will go ahead toward the Flag League by conquering them one by one. But during this war, you have to know that there may be a regime of the past & they become stronger day by day in this hidden area. The next step is remaining fixed which you don’t know yet.


  • Users or Players will get a lot of countryballs, made with customized drawn-pixel art.
  • They can also observe here an entirely new region of the map in real-world geography to be more exact.
  • Players will listen to the music as per their opinion during gaming.
  • A Pokedex made by almost 300 countryballs is also available.
  • The B/W repel system as well as the day & night system are hereby kept to be used for the users.
  • Your Attacking rivals will be powerful just like you.


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