Pokemon Quarantine Crystal ROM Demo 0.803 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon Quarantine Crystal
VersionDemo 0.803
Released DateFebruary 18, 2024

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The Crystal ROM hack of this gameplay Pokemon Quarantine is about an adventure of arranging a project. The estimate was inaugurated as an art project made by the renowned artist and sprinter DazzyDeer. Returning to home in May, he had a great mind to prepare a Fakemon Dex. With a brave and energetic mentality, he reckoned on the project and got ready to sketch it through the rolled prompts and carefully handled it. He was successfully able to get up the project named  “QuarantineDex” on 4chan’s /vp/.

The main aim of the project is to point out the bad conditions of the global quarantine and besides that how it forms to take needful in the distasteful situation. Therefore the furnished planning began a little area in terms of scope. Here the players have just to take over from the Gen 2’s roster together with Fakemon.

However, you have to attach i.e. the features to expand the phys/spec part to break up. Now with a supernatural impact, you will be non-stoppable on /vp/which enhances such as minisprites, treasure, and so on. Thereafter, you may grow the experience with your newly launched Pokemon in a new plot or area. Going there, you need not to know what the next stages you have to face and how to survive it properly.


  • Approximately 200+ new Pokemons users may find here that will be helpful for them.
  • Similarly, here the Physical/Special power and skill will separate or divide from each other.
  • The Level curve becomes more enhanced and the speed of movement becomes advanced with the best capacity.
  • Players can gain distinctive items with palettes used for most of the Pokemon.
  • Recyclable of TMs and the vivid memory that can be movable.
  • Few steps i.e. methods may be different from the others in this gameplay.


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