Pokemon Dark Energy ROM [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Dark Energy
VersionBeta 5.01
Released DateMarch 23, 2019


Pokemon Dark Energy is a gameplay full of adventure & mystery. It is a silver-type hack & is available for GBC. The creator of this game is miksy91, who gives this ROM as a gift to beginners. It has a long story of an ancient region. Go back to the world of Suden & the users are welcome here. It is a place of victims. The incident took place in 1571.

There exists a kingdom supposedly. But a great war, The crisis occurred here. As mentioned it happened around 1000 years ago, so it will ensure the users have a furious battle.

At that time the kingdom was full of peace & everything was going properly according to their following stream. Once a time, all of a sudden there appeared a curse named Maxime, a venomous character. He intended to collect the magical Elemental Orbs that hide in a secret place of the kingdom. Nobody in that palace seems to know about this hidden treasure.

Recently, a year later, a group of archeologists was working for the University of the capital. Meanwhile, they explored an outstanding writing that seems to be the ancient rocky mountain. After this incident, the principal character Rocky along with his friends visited the place & they came to know the same fact. they decided to research it to help the university out of danger. Though it is not a simple task the adventure remains dangerous.


  • The main theme that the users can notice here is RPG-based games.
  • The principal character is Rocky in this play & he has classmates to help in discover the facts.
  • Truly & the players will ensure that this game has also a unique storyline.
  • Sidequests that are usable have many options to move here & there through the play.
  • Besides the trade evolution is also changeable according to the player’s requirements.


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