Moemon Bonds ROM v1.0.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NameMoemon Bonds
VersionBeta v1.0.2
Released Date May 15, 2021


Moemon Bonds is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red and you can play with a unique storyline. By the power of the whimsical Memon Goddess you have placed a curse on her and follow the instructions to get rid of the curse. He also tells you that you have to go on a journey. So, players need to start traveling and perform various tasks as well. Especially you have to persuade he said in the heart of many Moemons. You will find many mementos in this game with which you can form a large team and increase their characteristics and abilities. Consider the mysteries and secrets of the modern Moemon.

Fantaseed is the best developer of this ROM game and it was published the game on May 15, 2021. Before running or playing the game, you need to use the GBA emulator. When you play games on it, the sound, graphics, and display of the games will be surprising. Besides, you can play on a smartphone, laptop, and computer. It is mainly for children but youngsters can also play this game very comfortably. It has some missions for which you will get many rewards if you complete them. So you can share this game with your friends to play together.


  • You can get and play with a new engaging story.
  • Keeps me up to date with new events and you can play a few mini-games.
  • The world is divided physically into these regions.
  • You can use Fairy-type Pokemon which comes with magical power.
  • Generation 1-8 memos can be seen in this game.
  • Battle on the display screen has unlimited revives and potions.


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