Pokemon Saffron ROM Demo v2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Saffron Version
VersionDemo v2
Released DateNovember 28, 2019


This Pokemon ROM is made by the developer Mattymannnn & all the credit goes to him. I think that users have never seen such kinds of ROM before. Because the gameplay starts in the region of Azira, a forest of heavy density. It is so famous as there is a vast variety of Pokemon you can see & every decade they expand quickly. As a result, this region is popularly known as the Great Migration. So, people from every corner of the world for instance trainers, GYM leaders, and Professors are coming to visit here to see this grand event.

Your brother from the Hoenn region, become a Poke master & the adventure is starting from here. Along with your mother, you will go to Haba island, a landmass near the coast of the mainland. After reaching, you will meet Prof. Oak who needs you to help him in his studies. He is studying the migration of legendary & mythical Pokemon & for that, he wants your help to collect data for research this phenomenon. On the way you will face Team Rocket’s plan & this will take a new turn from here.


  • You can easily get a variety of Pokemon from every Generation.
  • There are a few qualities that updated recently such as stats, movesets, cries, evolution, sprites, etc.
  • The physical/special are broken up & the BW repel system, and day & night system are used here.
  • TMs are reusable & you can obtain fairy types of Pokemon.
  • Along with a mega evolution, the graphics quality is best for utilizing.
  • From the later gen, players will get over 100 moveability & the move system is replaced by HMs.


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