Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Crystal Advance
Released Date2000


Pokemon Crystal Advanced is the ROM hack of Gameboy Advance & it was developed by Kertra. Here, the users will find few additions compared to the previous one. This one has a nice & effective storyline throughout the whole play. There will be some changes & that’s why the players can get now the latest version.

In this ROM, the powerful GBA engine that we can observe within the game is used properly. The battle engine, being different from the others has a powerful capacity all over. The classic Crystal was the old version of this game & therefore it is transformed into its newer version as we can see above. A few quantities of additions such as speed, moveability, and a powerful battle engine are also available for more advancement while playing this hack. Besides that, the earliest versions come with some extravagant features that we can show you in the overview.


  • Along with the new abilities the users, having powerful weapons can attack easily against their rivals.
  • In the 4th Gen, the move sets i.e. the moveability is updated entirely.
  • Players are now hereby ready to catch the icons of various types as well as the Pokemon icons.
  • The repel systems for instance B&W style appear for the Pokemon sprites.
  • There will be 4 seasons that are forming overall the gameplay.
  • Fairy types of Pokemon you can easily get as well as use.
  • TMs are reusable & you need to survive from the poisonous enemies.
  • Pokeballs come from the 2nd Gen and are now easier to utilize.
  • You can participate in the bug-catching contest located in Battle Tower.
  • A regular trading system & the color of nature are also available.
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