Pokemon Unbound v2.1.1.1 ROM [GBA] Free Download

ROM NamePokemon Unbound
Released DateNovember 8, 2022


Unbound is a popular Pokemon ROM for the Gameboy Advance gamers. You can easily get the pre-patched of this ROM easily for free. Players can explore the Borrius Region and also the story involves the Kalos region as well. Because a war starts with both regions and it is the main story of this game. All the people of the Borrius region need to fight and defeat their enemies. You can find various weapons to fight against enemies.

“The Shadows” is a very well-known organization available in this game and it releases the dark force. We can find here that once upon a time there was a war between the  Borrius and Kalos regions. Both the teams of these two regions claimed their ownership in this battle. So, became violent, and they were involved in a war. Firstly, the Borrius’s people to show their capability, called on dark forces to beat their rivals. But all in vain as the King of Kalos region let off his ultimate weapon & attacked in reverse. After this incident, the dark force was sealed & banned in the city. Presently, an organization wants to release the dark force again. So, it’s your turn to save the people of the Borrius region as well as stop them from this type of hell-bent activity.

So, as a player, you need to save the people of the Borrius region from this destruction. Now, the game offers lots of missions and you need to complete them to unlock the new levels. Also, you can find lots of Pokemon, and mostly Pokemon are from 1st to 8th generation. Each Pokemon comes with its own abilities as well as weaknesses. You need to understand the ability to use them perfectly during the fight.


  • Explore Borrius and Kalos regions to find more new Pokemon types.
  • Catch your favorite Pokemon from 1st to 8th generation in the Pokeball.
  • Use the most powerful battle engine with the 8th generation and it really enhances the overall fighting experience.
  • Get unlimited bag space, DexNav, Daily Raids, Inverse Battle, autorun, and more.
  • Find lots of unique missions and players can track the mission log easily.
  • High-quality and advanced graphics with beautiful visuals.
  • Lots of customization options are available and you can make your own personalize characters.


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