Pokemon Polka Aqua ROM v1.38 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Polka Aqua
DeveloperLatios Azurill
Released DateSeptember 19, 2020


The Pokemon Polka Aqua ROM is a Ruby hack and we have also found this before as Polka Aqua 2. The users will capture here the almost same storylines. As the players have crossed a level in the past of this game, so there are no options left to be difficult here. You, as a player, are now converted into a Pokemon trainer to train up your Pokemon. Now hereafter, the original gameplay starts full of excitement.

You are dwelling now in a region & supposedly it is Hoenn. It also begins with a question of whether the many characters are seen on television or will be found in the Pokemon world. In this region, what is the adventure to be going on? Surprisingly, all elements now exist within the whole universe. As a small creature, your place will fit in somewhere in this universe. It is upcoming to the users that the true nature of Pokemon evolution is consistent. Besides all of these, the  Azurill will fit himself in this universe. Amicably, with the rescuing of Prof. Palm, you will set out on a trip to take the responsibility to save the whole world. Then solve the mysteries & at the very end train up your Pokemon.


  • Users can observe a great variety of Pokemon from all Gen.
  • Not all but a few types of Pokemon are there and typing has been modified.
  • During the play, you will face some rivals & have to defeat them in the battle.
  • There are some difficulty levels & you will cross it to victory.
  • Some critical challenges as well as complexity users can find.
  • The AI battle engine will help you on your way to win the war.


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