Pokemon Secret Diaries ROM v2.5 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Secret Diaries
VersionBeta 2.5
Developer __fred__40
Released DateJanuary 17, 2021


The Pokemon Secret Diaries ROM is a game of FireRed hack & it is available for GBA. Throughout this gameplay, the users are going to determine a fictitious story that is so interesting. This incident took place in neither a particular area nor a familiar region. That’s why it is going to be a mysterious one as we mentioned about this in the overview.

Within this total gameplay, we can find a universe but that is another world from the mortal earth. Its story comes about while all the Pokemon dwell together in the authentic plot i.e. area of the FireRed. However, it is known to the users that it will happen in a Universe that is alternative rather than the mundane world. Therefore the whole story is related to the mixture of some manga & some anime. They involve the different characters of the game series & so on. Besides these, the story is also the mixing up of some game events, NPC i.e. the non-player character & the locations. All of these are very important to run this gameplay through the unknown Universe.


  • Besides being adventurous, this game is very difficult & challenging as we can find from beginning to end.
  • It has an extension like the original gameplay & as well as there is an original pre-league to quests.
  • Users will observe two special regions. One of them is Kanto & the other one is Johto. Though there are no Sevii Islands mentioned here.
  • There are many latest maps & places that the players have never seen before.
  • The exclusive feature is there will be some new characters along with the new original rivals.
  • The systems such as BW2 repel & day and night systems are also available here.
  • Some of the movesets & evolution processes will change in this total gameplay.
  • There will be no Physical/Special growth that can be separated or broken up.


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