Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM Beta 2.7.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon GS Chronicles
VersionBeta 2.7.1
Released DateMay 25, 2023


Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM offers full enjoyment gameplay and is a hack of FireRed. The users will find unique storylines along with the latest edition for playing. The game starts with the experiment of some new findings in the lab of renowned Prof. Elm. Among those various things, there remains also the legend of miraculous stones. These precious stones take the Pokemon to the highest level of this mysterious game.

Professor Elm has two faithful assistants & they are Ethan & Kris as they are taking the role of players here. Due to these resorts, the professors give themselves a Pokemon to deal with operations for this purpose. Whilst you are sending Mr.Pokemon to pick up a package, you are disappointed. Hereafter players know that a mysterious red-haired lad has stolen Pokemon from the lab. Now the two assistants of Prof. Oak are going on a journey in Johto to find the mystery behind this matter. There, they are investigating who the redhead boy actually & what is his intention to steal the Pokemon.


  • The storylines you can observe here are different than the others.
  • The map where the game occurs is based on particular HGSS ones.
  • In the future, not starting yet, the mega-evolution to make it smooth.
  • You can play the game events in both day & night systems.
  • There will be some wild Pokemon based on time & a new Pokedex between 4 to 6 Gen.
  • Users can listen to the original soundtrack comes from HGSS.
  • The new puzzles are remaining for some areas & the Pokeriders, and items of Pokemon are also available.
  • A few locations have been added in the Johto & Kanto regions besides that the Types chart has been updated.


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