Pokemon CrystalDust ROM v3.0.0 Alpha 0.5 [Pre-Patched] Download

ROM NamePokemon CrystalDust
Versionv3.0.0 Alpha 0.5
Released DateJanuary 4, 2021


When start the game you will first be given a gold or crystal shoe. Players will start to travel the Jhoto region where meet several Pokemon. To find out about those, use the Pok√©dex. In this game various types of Pokemon are available. Catch and train Pokemon in this Johto area. You will also meet many strangers person who will Pokemon battle with you. When you become a Pokemon Master one day, your memories and experiences are there to relive in full-on -GBA. There are many beautiful and exciting things available. Game Boy Advance created Crystal’s remark for the game Freaker.

You get a few friends who will always help on the journey of being a Pokemon trainer. Participate in the battle with different gym leaders. Here are the battlegrounds and battle engines available and each of them comes in the latest generation. If you win this match Gym leader gives a badge for you. If you win a lot of badges with gym leaders you can become a Pokemon Master. Get the real experience between day and night.


  • Crystal Dust is an emerald engine with fire style and it is the best of both worlds.
  • This is based on Pokemon emerald decompilation.
  • Easily transitions between day and night smoothly.
  • You can see the Pokegear and Spiffier were upgraded and also the radio card was included.
  • Here you can find game cubes with official games, links are given to them.


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