Pokemon Grape ROM Final v1.6 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Grape
Released DateDecember 25, 2021


This Ultimate Pokemon Grape ROM is a superb game hack with the new storylines. The users will be grateful to know about this beautiful one & that can force them to play this. Besides the gameplay is too interesting we are going to discuss about. Without any hesitations & the safe & sound environment properly involves this ROM in front of the users.

It starts with a baseball tournament charming to see in the year 1999. Your role is to disguise a former baseball player & have to take part in this competition thoroughly. If you once become the champion of this tournament, it is now clear that the war between two regions Frejo and Kelgo may stop i.e. avoided. With all of the above, you have noticed before that survivors from Team Rocket, known as the violent enemy have already migrated here. They once again escaped from Kanto after the Silph Coup in vain. Their target is to interfere with this competition & create a polluted environment to hell the life of common folks. Now this very moment, as an ultimate Pokemon master whether the user can conquer enemies & save the world from their grip or not.


  • The users have to explore i.e. the region of both Frejo and Kelgo. Though the region Frejo is bigger than Kanto alone.
  • Vast Pokemon almost 248 are catchable & 11 legendary Pokemon are also hereby found.
  • With the best graphics quality for the new maps & Dungeons completely seen in retro hacks.
  • Instead of using bi-cycle players can use the special Kart to grow their speed into 4x.
  • Especially the repel system comes from the Pokemon Black2/White2 for implementation.
  • For the battle, you can utilize all the items along with Lighting, Mining Pack, Magical Hammer & so on.
  • There are 70 types of new moves & as well as 25 types of special glitches quality & besides that New Pokeball types are also available.


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