Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials ROM v1.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Pit of 100 Trials
Released DateMarch 31, 2021


Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials was developed by Manekimoney and it is a FireRed hack for GBA. In this ROM, we will see the paper Mario, a region mainly from where the battle begins. Here the users will find the door of a thousand years & a challenging area famous for the pit of 100 trials. Players will face here almost 100 enemies, that appear throughout the gameplay. Crossing up all the difficulties & adversities you have to fight against them. If you win on this battlefield, you will gain a reward at the end of this battleship.

Here users will get any kind of Pokemon according to their requirements. You are supposedly a trainer & train the EV instantly for the fighting & want progress through the playing of FireRed. For instance, you take part in battling with one by one of your enemies. They are such as Bug Catchers, youngsters, Brock, Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moons, Nugget Bridge trainers, etc. All the trainers are seemingly the same as they use the same Pokemon & surprisingly they all achieve level 100 from the 1st to 3rd generation. Standing on a certain point, you observe the final 10 trainers are a bit more.


  • There are two versions used mainly. One of them Normal version & the other one is a double battle version.
  • More attractively, the users may find 100 trainers with the same level of 100.
  • Some fully evolved “balanced” Pokemon along with the non-fully evolved Pokemon are available.
  • The EV training is now easier as you just give 4 vitamins & as a result, they will return the needed single stat.
  • With a certain money, you can purchase the items for the battle & you have to do it carefully.
  • If you lose once, you will defeat the game & the game is over then.
  • You can get more money while progressing the battle & this can be gained in the double version.
  • Users will capture here a new & satisfying story through the more difficult situation.


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