Pokemon Ruby Version v1.1 ROM [GBA] Free Download

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ROM NamePokemon Ruby Version
DeveloperGame Freak
Released Date2002


Ruby Pokemon ROM is a Gameboy Advance video game for all gamers. It is made by combining Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen ROMs. That’s the reason, the game offers various Pokemon in different abilities. So, you can find lots of legendary Pokemon and catch them in the Pokeball as well. Players can train the Pokemon and enhance their ability. Also, you get a complete Pokedex on the game.

This region of the game is full of beaches, green landscapes, and even mountains. There are lots of missions and events available and you should utilize them for a better gameplay experience. Also, explore the island and find more Pokemon as well. Also, the developer makes a lot of changes in the game such as Pokemon evolution and more.


  • Find all the 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon and players can catch them in the Pokeball.
  • Complete national Pokedex.
  • The game contains lots of missions and events for the gamers.
  • Train the Pokemon and also evolve for more abilities.
  • Players can explore the Hoenn region which contains green forests, beaches, mountains, and landscapes.
  • Hundreds of new Pokemon with various types and abilities.
  • The game offers double battles where you can use your Pokemon to fight double against opponents.


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