Pokemon Lotus ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Lotus
VersionRoute 4
Released DateJune 11, 2019


The Pokemon Lotus Version game is one of the popular ROM hacks that users have never seen before. Here, the players will find a unique storyline while acquiring knowledge related to this Pokemon-type game. This is interesting also & besides that, it is the ROM of full enjoyment. It also gives the users immense joy & inner delight.

Supposedly, you are a Pokemon trainer in the new region of the map & that is Lotus Region. Now from here, the gameplay will take a new turn. You have to meet Professor Oak to get some advice & Pokemon for battle. Among these Pokemon, you can choose any of them to prepare for your battle. Then you will set out a travel from city to city to collect GYM badges. On the other way, you will find some rivals & have to tackle them & fix main aim. At last, you will reach the Tepid Cave. Here, you will face firstly the Team Rocket. They have an intention to steal the fossils & then you will jump out on them. Hence the battle will start & it will continue until the next step is found.


  • There remain five cities, four GYMS as well, and so on.
  • The running shoes for running, the bike to ride & then the super rod all are available.
  • You have to face some difficulties & complexities during the gameplay.
  • The modification of all the features has made this gameplay smooth & it will be helpful for the users.
  • Your rivals are now dangerous as well as more ferocious than you on the battlefield.


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