Pokemon Cloud White 3 ROM v277 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Cloud White 3
Developer Shogun
Released DateApril 4, 2020


Pokemon Cloud White 3 ROM is a FireRed hack & it was developed by Shogun. Like the before two counterparts, the Pokemon Cloud White & the Cloud White 2, this version is also charming. In this gameplay, we will see the almost same thing as the previous but that will be different. The users will get some extra advantages on this ROM. So, the gameplay begins from hereafter.

Similarly, here in this hack, the gameplay reveals the scenario that is so captivating. This spectacular view comes after the last event of the 2nd part. We have seen that in the former part, you discovered three new regions bravely with great amazement. In this event, you become more powerful and ready to conquer the other three regions. For that, you, the grim fighter have to fight against your foes & beat them consequently. Crossing all the adversities & Difficulties, you are now a successful one. With great passion, you are now going to discover i.e. explore 3 new regions Hoenn, Johto, and Kaido Archipelago. Then you can also keep in touch with everybody’s mind. Thus romantic hacks will come to an end more satisfying.


  • Here the players will observe 3 new regions & they are Hoenn, Johto, and Kaido Archipelago.
  • This gameplay will continue for up to 35 hours to complete.
  • Users can utilize the Pokemon here from 1st to 7th generation.
  • The mega evolutions as well as the reversions primarily make the game more beneficial.
  • BW repel system, Day & Night system along with the EXP catch system in the 6th Gen improved the gameplay mostly.
  • Here, the trainers mainly sprites trainers are seen.
  • Berry & Honey trees can be found during the playtime.


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