Pokemon Perfect Emerald ROM v5.0 [GBA] Free Download

ROM NamePokemon Perfect Emerald
DeveloperAugusto Carvalho
Released DateOctober 23, 2023

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This ROM is made with the Pokemon Emerald and developed by Augusto Carvalho. This game is for the Gameboy Advance system and you can play for free on the GBA console and emulator on any device. You get the best quality gameplay in story, features, and graphics. There are 386 Pokemon available and you can play with them without trading. Explore and discover the hidden things on Mirage Island and the vast region of this game. There are lots of game events and various items from 1st to 3rd generation are available for the players.

As a player, you can battle with your legendary Pokemon for the maximum advantages. After defecting the Gym Leader, collect the Gym badges for more benefits on becoming the Pokemon trainer journey. Your main goal should be to train your Pokemon and different stones for evolution. Now, the latest version of this game comes with lots of bugs and glitches fixes. So, you get a smoother and better gameplay experience.


  • Discover all 386 Pokemon with different abilities and weaknesses.
  • Get a combination of RedFire and LeafGreen ROM versions in the Red and Leaf.
  • Players can participate in various game events and Mirage Island after E4 on the game.
  • Battle with the Legendary Pokemon in the Nintendo style.
  • You can find various stons such as Moon Stones and Evolution Stones.
  • Various elements and items are available in the 1st to 3rd generation.
  • The new version comes with lots of upgrades and improvements.


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