Pokemon Gold Sinnoh ROM v2 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Gold Sinnoh
Versionv2 [Final]
Released DateJuly 1, 2020


Pokemon Gold Sinnoh ROM is a gold hack & it is available for the GBC. If anyone deserves thanks for this game it is definitely ericgall23. The users will make content to have such kind of game. Here we can see role-playing, adventure & action gameplay. So, without talking too much, let’s start with the ROM.

Supposedly, a new adventure is going to begin in the Sinnoh region. It has two versions that the player can find. The former version was platinum & currently, it is the updated version, Gold hack. the incident took place years ago from now. As an experienced Pokemon trainer, you’ve to explore into a new universe & explore new things. Such as Team Rocket, the famous & tremendous killer are preparing to create some new danger in this region. Users have to make full & final arrangements to fight against them & save the region as well as the entire world from their grip.


  • It has two versions. One of them is Platinum & later one is Gold.
  • Many updates such as gym leaders, E4 motion & so on make the gameplay more smoothly.
  • Users can get here the new & modified TMs/HMs.
  • A notorious team named “Team Rocket” will create disturbance in the Sinnoh region.
  • The movesets, attacking items, etc of the 6th generation are available.


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