Pokemon LeafYellow ROM 1.3.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon LeafYellow
VersionBeta 1.3.0
Developer PKMNTrainerGui
Released DateMarch 3, 2019


Pokemon LeafYellow is a FireRed Hack & it is available for GBA. All the credit goes to the creator who has given such type of gameplay to the users as a gift. This is a game full of fighting, role-playing & also an adventure. The main theme if we focus on the game can see that a lad of 12 years is the real hero here.

It starts from a region the Silbra region. The day is very exhilarating to you as the Pokemon League is going to begin earlier. You are a Pokemon GYM leader & also going to take part in this competition bravely. Not only you but also the enemies of yours are going to participate in this challenge. Firstly, they along with you will visit the region & then explore it entirely. Everything goes on wrightly. But at a certain time, you realize that trouble is happening while you visit the events. There appeared the notorious “Team Spirit”, an esteemed group for their bad intention to hesitate the people. Now, as a brave & powerful leader, you with the help of your rival Ryotaro make a decision. Players have to stop them & by beating them in the battle, they will bring out peace in the region.


  • The gameplay is inaugurated with a new & unique storyline.
  • The listener & players will listen to the music during the game.
  • Here, the users can find new characters such as a 12-year-old lad.
  • According to their requirement, players can play the game in both day & night systems.
  • New sprites take the role of a trainer to train the beginners so that they will be satisfied to play it.
  • During the battle, the players can observe new events & scripts that will be helpful for them.


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