Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Cosmic Emerald
Released DateDecember 24, 2019

Latest .IPS Patch


This Emerald ROM hack, Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version is a game full of enjoyment. For the users, they will find the new storylines & as well as the multiple ways to find out the mystery behind them.

In this ultimate ROM, most of the users will find no map to begin their journey while playing. But there are some alternative ways to play this game. It starts in a new universe where many kinds of sprites & rivals are available. Most of the critical ones are Team Rocket. Supposedly in your dream, you have entered the region of this ferocious team unknowingly. Then you face some rivals of Team Rocket who are ready to attack you. You are in a dangerous situation & trembling in fear. You found none to help you from such a condition. Then your mom is calling you, “Wake up, it’s morning”. then you realize that it is all about your dream.


  • The Pokemon Random Number Generator which is glitching, is fixed here during playtime.
  • Users can get 386 Pokemon to use from the 1st to 3rd Gen.
  • The new Evo stone you can find is accessible for the Pokemon trade.
  • The legendary Pokemon are roaming here & there all over the cosmos.
  • Players can play both day and night according to their opinion & can complete the stats level.
  • For the Pokedex, a group of Pokemon, the Mirage Island is relevant to this fact.
  • The B/W repel system & almost 252 Pokemon you can capture by using EVs.


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