Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Crystal Advance Redux
Released DateDecember 28, 2023

Old Version Game


The ROM was created by Arnie and it is also the hack of Pokemon FireRed ROM. Now, if you already play the Crystal Advance then you will find lots of similarities of this game. I’m saying this because the developer changes something and upgrades the features only. For example, it brings new moves, attacks, and even the ability of the Pokemon. Also, the game comes with lots of Pokemon icons and various styles of Pokemon sprites as well. Players can explore the region and catch the Pokemon on the 2nd generation Pokeball. It helps you during the battle and tournaments.

The story is pretty interesting and you can find the Fairy-type Pokemon as well. Fairy and Legendary Pokemon contain powerful ability and power. However, gamers can also participate in different contests such as Battle Tower and Bug catching on the game. Overall this ROM is a complete package and you should play it on your GBA emulator device. It gives the maximum graphics with smooth gameplay and nice visuals.


  • You find lots of upgrade features and gameplay compared to the normal Crystal Advance ROM.
  • New Attacks and Ability of all Pokemon.
  • Find 4th generation Moveset on the game.
  • Lots of icons are available and even Pokemon icons to use.
  • Find lots of Fairy-Type Pokemon.
  • High-resolution graphics with beautiful colors and visuals.
  • Participate in various events and contests.
  • Use 2nd generation Pokeball to catch your favorite Pokemon.


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