Pokemon Nature Red ROM v0.9 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Nature Red
Released DateMay 5, 2019


Pokemon Nature Red ROM is an improved FireRed hack & contains a specific storyline. There is also the starting & finishing point. Besides that, there are multiple ways to run through the game. Each & everything goes on well-done gameplay but at last, it takes a new turn. We are going to discuss this happening very politely & it will be helpful for users.

The gameplay is set in the Kanto region. Most of the routes i.e. paths in FireRed are very quiet and frank as well as boring which the users consider. But if routes 8 have a simple path & it will remain within a garden in the middle position then it will be streamlined. Besides, if Route 5 is a straightforward path it will not be complicated. There’s also left a daycare center & without its lack, nature will be adventurous & affected. The main target of this ROM is to civilize the town & routes. Then create an extra traverse to reach in Kanto region. Arriving in Kanto, we can see the jungles & the spectacular view of rivers which are ruined. Now it’s your turn to discover something new & experiment relevant to that.


  • Users can observe more rugged & varied which will be charming for the new adventure in the Kanto region.
  • None but a vast number of Pokemon can rebalance their stats & exist through gameplay.
  • There are some legendary Pokemon with certain events that are used here.
  • The extravagant feature is that a few Pokemon have new types of abilities.
  • You will face some difficulties within the game.
  • A few items such as moveability and stats are modified.


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