Pokemon Pulsar Version ROM Phase 2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Pulsar Version
VersionPhase 2
DeveloperGym Leader Ed
Released DateJune 4, 2019


Pokemon Pulsar Version ROM is a game full of admirable & rejoicing. The story explores that the crime with Pokemon is increasing day by day. Users will visit another universe through this play & they will learn about this offense with keen desires. But there’s also a relief-breathing atmosphere that we can observe.

The gameplay is set in the Durhanmo Region, a specific region inside the nationwide map. In the past few years, crime & the criminal are also risen at an alarming rate. People displeased by the criminal are making an idea at all. They decided a mysterious figure named “Jashin” was their divinity. Jashin has promised to make the world out of commitment & bring peace to the world. Also, those who unfollow the governmental systems will be punished highly in the name of God. So the people strongly believe in their deity & they gave the slogan “Jashin is God and God is Jashin.” Jashin can purify the world or fail to do it? So, ignore Jashin & destroy him to return to the proper situation.


  • Users can capture here the Durhanmo Region, a branded new region.
  • The Pokedex is increasing (almost 84 Pokemon) from the 4th to 7th Gen.
  • Moveability is here updated & the attacking Pokemon from 4th to 7th Gen is available.
  • The newly released Pick-Pocking system is accessible.
  • TMs are reusable & the HMs are considered forgettable.
  • Extraordinarily, the new evil team appears as “Jashinists”
  • Rather than the graphics, attack animations you can customize here.
  • Conclusively, you may find at least 21 starting options.


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