Pokemon Awesome Version XD ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Awesome Version XD
Developer hinkage
Released DateOctober 21, 2020


Pokemon Awesome Version XD is a game of mystery as well as a battleship. In this ROM hack, you are involved as a trainer. Supposedly you are currently in a serious situation and you are overwhelmed by some critical enemies. Now your only target is to come out of this situation and for that, take challenges so that you can defeat your foe and win this battle-ship.

Now from here, the adventure starts with the utmost controversy. You are presently face to face with your foe. The players can utilize here their most powerful and legendary Pokemon to overcome this dangerous situation as well as their enemy. Here users are prepared to fight against their foes and finally, the battle starts tremendously. At first, then the second and the last attempt users will consequently achieve their success and conquer the enemy. After getting success on this battlefield, gamers can get some rewards and gifts by which they can accomplish their appeals. Hence this splendid game is moving towards an end.


  • There are two versions that users can find. One of them has modified a Pokemon type or ghost or match-up chart and the other one is left unrecognizable.
  • These edited type versions are more impactful than none but the genuine expansion.
  • A vast type of Pokemon approximately 37in number has been transformed and besides that, the match-up chart is also replaced.
  • Here the P/S is not divided i.e. separated.
  • In this gameplay, 15 new moves are preserved that can speed up and boost your levels.
  • Few quantities of moves undestroyed and devoted.
  • The users can find some new ways, cities, hollows, and forestland dungeons.
  • Besides the all-new characters, you can listen to the new music, aka music put in this game.
  • You will be able to steal the items needed for your Pokemon from the place Poke Mart.
  • Every center has a pharmacy that can be used for medical purposes.
  • Users can see the difficulty modes mentioned as easy, normal, hard, and conductor.
  • All the trainers were selected randomly without in dungeons.
  • The most distinguished feature is to action between the foe and the trainer as a 2v2.
  • You will slice the trees by moving up and down like a commander in LPGE.


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