Pokemon 2050 ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Free Download

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ROM NamePokemon 2050
Released DateAugust 26, 2021


Pokemon 2050 is another Pokemon Emerald-based GBA game created by sickanddullandplain. You can get a very similar story where players get the opportunity to become the best Pokemon trainer with the help of a local professor. So, you can choose a character like Ash Ketchum and even you can change the name to make yours. Then choose a starter Pokemon and start exploring the city. During exploration of the region, you can collect more powerful Pokemon on the Pokeball. You are able to train the Pokemon to improve their ability and decrease their weakness.

As a player, you can take the challenge from different Gym Leaders and start fighting with your favorite Pokemon. Utilize the ability of the Pokemon and read the opponent’s weakness as well. Then you can use a good strategy to defect the opponent Pokemon. Moreover, you can get the 7th Generation movesets and re-suable TMs for free. Get the 7th generation custom Pokedex on the game.


  • Meet a local professor Snag’s and start the journey.
  • Explore the region and city to collect Pokemon into the Pokeball. It is pretty useful for Pokemon tournaments.
  • Take the challenges Pokemon fight with the Gym Leader to win the badges.
  • Get both physical and special splits on the game.
  • Use the custom 7th generation Pokedex and even 7th generation movesets as well.
  • Re-usable TMs and move tutors.


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