Pokemon New Gold Era ROM [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon New Gold Era
Released DateMay 18, 2021


Pokemon New Gold Era is a GBC ROM and comes with vast special features with excellent gameplay. The users can also capture here a romantic as well as a heartened story that is most probably 100 years ago than the latest one. Though it has a long duration as we observe minutely the last moment of this game is going to be various from hereafter.

The story begins with an excitement that the users can feel thoroughly. Once upon a time, the GSC i.e. the Gold & Silver adventure took place while everything was going properly. When it is 100 years in the future the map stays the same. But after the ending, the awful condition of the place, ruined & broke down the maps individually. Thereafter, you are a permanent resident of the region Johto-Kanto. Being alternate this is also futuristic. You are following with deep concentration that urbanism has expanded drastically & as a result, it has taken the form of necropolises. This day, the region is now in the grip of pollution & Nature is suffering in many places & life is going to hell. Your only target is to come out of this circumstance as well as make a pollution-free nature on behalf of the common people.


  1. Moves and TMs have been updated and some changed.
  2. Some old characters have returned from Pokemon Septo Conquest.
  3. Flash tower Tech tower, and defense tower in those new towers are involved.
  4. Johto and Kanto region are exploring the new town and villages.
  5. The unique Pokemon moves and best abilities are available.
  6. During your journey, you have to be aware that your rivals have a motivation that is mysterious too.
  7. After 100 years of this incident, the technologies, Hi-tech buildings & omnipresence are almost modified to grow the gameplay ahead.


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