Pokemon Inclement Emerald ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Inclement Emerald
DeveloperBuffel Saft
Released DateApril 2, 2022


Looking for the best hack of Pokemon Emerald then you can play Inclement Emerald ROM for free. This GBA ROM was developed by Buffel Saft and is available for all Gameboy Advance emulators and consoles. The game offers the highest quality graphics with immersive visuals. The full game is situated in the Hoenn region where you can train every Pokemon to improve their power and ability. Now, this Pokemon ROM is very inspired by Drayano’s hack and offers advanced challenges in that region. Discover all the Pokemon from 1 to 7th generation and each Pokemon can evolve to the next level.

All the Pokemon come with different moves and abilities and you find 4 – 7 th generation mechanics as well. The developer also makes some additions to AI and players can use TMs easily. There are various game modes are available such as Normal, Challenge, and Hard. You should utilize the Pokedex because it shows all the information of base stats, learn sets, egg moves, etc. As you can see, this ROM game full of countless features and contains rich gameplay.


  • Explore the Hoenn region and find all the 1st to 7th-generation Pokemon.
  • Discover new ways to find and catch Pokemon. For example, cut trees, sand mounds, berry trees, etc.
  • You can train all your Pokemon to improve their ability as well as help them with evolution.
  • The game contains 4 to 7th-generation moves, abilities, mechanics, and items.
  • Use the help of Pokedex and utilize the information of base stats, learn sets, eff moves, etc.
  • Various game modes are available like Normal, Hard, and Challenge.
  • Find new systems like an alternative HM system and improve the Berry system.
  • The large bag can hold 999 items.

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What’s New in Custom UI Update

  • This comes with the same edition with the extra patches for custom Pokemon Combo Type Forms. There are a few more improvements are come with the new UI.
  • A few of the Bugs contain bugs and are now fixed.
  • Lots of improvements in the Life Quality in the game.
  • Adding NPCs for the custom functions at Littleroot Town.
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