Pokemon Supreme Fire ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Supreme Fire
Released DateMay 24, 2020


In Pokemon Supreme Fire ROM the users are more eager to know about this one with great amazement. This is a Pokemon hack that is improved after it is updated & based on the FireRed. The new client features & the beautiful storylines make it different from the others. Let this gameplay reveal in front of the users amicably.

Like the similar exceptional ROMs that we have already mentioned in various plays, this one is also a challenging journey i.e. trip. The main focus of this game is, more importantly, to introduce the idea i.e. related to the Pokemon concepts. These are such kinds of typing, BST & moveability & so on. Particularly here the users will observe some endgame trainers. You are no exception to this but a young trainer. You have to beat those trainers & also the owner of the championship to show off the users.


  • Within this following game, you can observe the new events for playing.
  • The typing skill, the priority of the move as well as the Base Stat, total shortly to say BST you should achieve to boost your level up.
  • Pokemon that are accessible i.e. effective and rampantly used here & are increasing in number.
  • You will find the difficulties & complexities that are increasing during gaming.
  • For the players, the high-speed capacity of 3x of playing is recommended thoroughly.
  • The modes of this gameplay are different types such as Hard, Medium & Normal.
  • Ultimately, you can get a mini reward after defeating your rivals in terms of the endgame trainers.


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