Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM v2.3 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Fused Dimensions
Released DateSeptember 24, 2022


It is the hack of Pokemon FireRed developed by DanteZ.35. The ROM comes with incredible gameplay and tons of features. Using the GBA emulator or console device, you can easily play with the maximum graphic quality for free. Also, you get the latest update on this page and it contains huge improvements and changes for better gameplay. Now, this ROM game is a modification of the FireRed Version ROM and if you already played then you should try this one. Because it provides a new story with lots of missions.

You can find the full dex of 226 fusions and later the developed added 150 new fusions. Also, each fusion comes with the Custom Dex entries as well. Players can use the infinite TMs as well as the forgettable HMs for free. Now, you can also find lots of Fairy-type Pokemon. You may know that Fairy-type Pokemon offer lots of advantages in the fight. So, you should use them before you have to catch on your Pokeball. Also, lots of wild Pokemon change their design as well.


  • The ROM offers a full dex of 226 fusions and with the latest update, it brings an additional 150 fusions.
  • Bring the Mega evolution.
  • You can use the forgettable HMs and infinite TMs as well. Also, a few of the HMs contain different effects and functions.
  • Find all the Fairy-Type Pokemon for better advantages and benefits in the battle.
  • Both physical and special splits are available in the game.
  • Use the Pokedex and rearrange them as well.
  • The latest update moves all the Gym Leaders to the Jhoto region. So, you need to reach this region for Pokemon fighting.
  • You can use the fusions on a few Pokemon that are in beta. Also, evolve each Pokemon that already has the fusions.


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