Pokemon Magical Altering Gym Menagerie ROM v1.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Magical Altering Gym Menagerie
Released DateDecember 7, 2021


Pokemon Magical Altering GYM Menagerie is an interesting hack of Game Boy Advanced. It is also available for GBA. Here, in this ROM, the users are also can find precious gameplay as we can also find here. Though this one is named differently than the other ones, it has the plus points of being the various types of game. The players are delightfully playing this as it is modified.

The game inaugurates from the Magical Altering Gym Menagerie in shortly say MAGM. This has a meaningful clause. Imagine that you are a Pokemon trainer & want to join this challenge organized by Pokemon League GYM. For that, you have to give a test of the skills & witness you have gained. After succeeding, you will have to collect not more than 8 pins for the fighting against the renowned GYM leader Sothoth. You are kindly requesting that if you are in trouble, you have to consult with her. In every aspect of your encounter, Sothoth will consult you on how to progress & accomplishments & various types of comments on your decision. And even what is going to take hereafter. Besides all these, you have to remember one thing that you have admitted here & no one will be responsible for your injuries, displacement, lost items, persons, dimensions, or sudden dimensional implosions.


  1. The Pokemon from the latest generations along with their move ability & various mechanics you can find.
  2. You can customize & ready your Pokemon for the battleship by clicking on your PC as well as party.
  3. The pop-up ability are increasing after updating the versions.
  4. New region of Soala, with many different environments and home to all kinds of Pokemon.
  5. AI in terms of artificial Intelligence is now modified.
  6. Fairy types of Pokemon you can easily get here & also the trainer with EVs capacity.
  7. Features such as CFRU & so on are also available.


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