Pokemon Dreams ROM v1.5.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Dreams
Released DateJune 25, 2021


Pokemon Dreams is set in a new region with a story. Here you are a protagonist and a traveling trainer, the trainer comes from the region of Solda. Many types of Pokemon live in this Solda region. From there you can catch and train Pokemon. As you travel through a thicket town you will meet a boy whose brother is the local gym leader. During this time journey, meet new characters and have Pokemon Battles with them for practice. The battlefield and combat engine of this game have been upgraded. It tells a linear story by upgrading the map, adding required items, and upgrading areas that contain Pokemon.

Here you can see 7 generations of Pokemon were available in this game. If you pass 8 gyms in this gameplay, get a chance to join the Pokemon League. To pass these 8 gyms you have to work hard. A small cast of 35 Fakemon in this region brings the total to 844 Pokemon. This Fakemon was very strong. In this new region and a new story, new characters meet and battle with them. This game has smooth graphics and cool music available. The game introduces 7th-generation Pokemon move sets and it is up-to-date. This battle mode has been updated with new generations added like physical/special split 6 type chart and Fairy type Pokemon add. So, play the game with its unique story mode.


  • Get 7 generations of a lot of Pokemon available.
  • If you cross 8 gyms you can get a Pokemon league.
  • Utilize a total of 35 Fakemon and 844 Pokemon.
  • This game’s battle mode has been updated with new things to add like physical/special and also fairy-type Pokemon.
  • Find the evolution of the stone by which Pokemon evolve.


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