Pokemon Ice Blue ROM v2.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Ice Blue
Released DateMay 5, 2021


Pokemon Ice Blue is made by Pokemon FireRed Version ROM where you find a new storyline. Articuno is a powerful yet legendary and ancient type of Pokemon. It is a dual-type Ice/flying legendary Pokemon. This Pokemon comes with many moves such as rock, steel, fire, and electric. But the rare move is Frost Breath and Ice Beam—Articuno his wings by reigning in the air. With its ice beams everywhere freezes. Its ability is to pressure and freeze everything on the earth. You can find this legendary Pokemon on the seafoam island. From here players can catch Articuno and win the match. It is one of the most powerful Pokemon and helps you during fighting. So, you need to catch them in the Pokeball for future use and win Gym badges.

For the ability of this frozen Pokemon, the world is full of ice. Now, as a player, your main goal is to save the world and the inhabitants of it. Here you need to take various steps and tasks. For example, use the Phoenix Pokemon and save the world from the frozen. Utilize the ability of this Pokemon to save the people as well as the earth.


  • The new version comes with lots of changes and added new stories. Now, players can catch different types of Pokemon for re-use.
  • You can find a few Fakemon like Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles and Gorochu.
  • The game also introduces new maps and also few maps are added from FireRed ROM.
  • You can play some interesting mini-games which take a few hours to complete.
  • Find various difficulty levels and new update brings the high level as well.


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