Mega Moemon FireRed ROM v1.4c [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NameMega Moemon FireRed
Version v1.4c
Released DateAugust 14, 2023

Ash Patch

Previous Version [v1.4b]


This game generally named Mega Moemon FireRed is a tremendous ROM hack. We can find many types of Moemon Rom but it is an exceptional that means an extravagant hack than the others. As users can see here is the ultramodern and mostly updated version of ROM hack. In this gameplay, the players can get the newly released powerful Pokemon and can utilize them according to their capability. It has a meaningful property, attributes, and so on. Users can put forward their Pokemon and become stronger during the battle or the gameplay

Here the particular hand-selected for the specific Moemon to expose i.e. display. Players can be shown that these vastly Moemon goblins are the uppermost classification after they are modified. Whenever the objection of the gameplay is displayed, these are the Moemon, the gigantic, and unique gameplay that remains undestroyed.


  • In this ROM, the mostly accessible fairy types of Pokemon are used.
  • Here users can find the meeting by chance the double while fighting.
  • The more sufficient development of enormous features available.
  • Players can get easily almost 300 Moemon from generations of 5 in number.
  • The physical or special capabilities are separated i.e. divided.
  • Each trainer has verified for using the various mons and their moves.
  • Recyclable of TMs is a remarkable feature in this gameplay.


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