Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes ROM Alpha 2.1 [GBA] Download

ROM NamePokemon The Corrupted Wishes
VersionAlpha 2.1
Released DateApril 7, 2019


Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes is created by Fencer and it is the hack of FireRed. Here users will find that this one is not entirely but some of the things changed that make the story content. This is a nice one & has a different story from the others. The players will find that the main theme is shortly said to action. For that, a region is required & a stage for the battle among the others.

Supposedly, you are a lad named Noire. You are dwelling with your sincere friend Froakie. He was also a kid at that time. The current day is a special one for you as there is a competition. The Purla Pokemon League is going to be inaugurated today & the participants like you are preparing to take part in this league. It was your continual desire to become a Pokemon champion. Your beloved & childhood friend, Julia also dreamt like you. So, you are willing to get the Pokedex from the esteemed Prof. Kao. This competition is not only collecting the GYM badges as well as beat the champion. Now, take a proper step to start the gameplay. The challengers are also ready now to face challenges with you. Best of luck & good wishes to you for his upcoming challenge.


  • Users can find a new region to start the gameplay.
  • It is not only difficult but also a harder play for the players.
  • The decapitalization of approximately 99% will gain & the tilesets have a minor change to modify.
  • According to their choice, the beginners can get the Pokedex from the 4th to the 7th generation.
  • The sprites of DS-styled will be visible here through the gameplay.
  • Systems such as BW repel, Poison survival & the mechanics’ systems are now available in this play.


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