Pokemon Team Magma Edition ROM v1.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Team Magma Edition
VersionBeta 1.1
Developer Dr.Joe & Lord Otto
Released DateApril 15, 2022


The region is separated from each other due to their influence in this gameplay. Each of them is resolved by three factions that are stimulated here. You are a high-minded Pokemon trainer here and also able to join as a new member. Gamers are very much willing to participate in the squad named Magma. Now you are highly encouraged to improve and develop this for mankind as a newly joined trainer. People have a great belief in you for a better world, as well as the users are solicited to way them out and look them out in the right direction from the all-hilarious thing. They take their hope in mother nature such as land, in the water, in the sky, or anywhere people thrust for their dream. They even get hope in the other person to execute their aim of a “utopia” and as a result, they are under foot of their hopes.

In this world, you are going to a collision for new ones. After attaching team Magma, you will be a section of the Hoenn underworld. Despite being taught right and wrong, they judge the people ironically as powerful and disabled. Being an ideal trainer you can show them the proper way and in this new edition, you have the chance to prove your ambition by the work you have done in team Magma. In this miscellaneous world, unnecessary things are growing like cheating, stealing, etc. As an excellent human being in this world, your duty is the reality of understanding people from wrong to right. Lastly along with the team Magma, your journey in this mortal world will be finally successful and develop your ranks genuinely.


  • Here you can find a system of stealing that will permit you to get the Pokemon from the trainers.
  • The player will be powerful after getting the Pokemon and in general, they can defeat their foe.
  • Users can customize the sound system according to their gameplay.
  • The exaggerated thing you will see here is the life advancement that might grow your energy.
  • A new solid feature from the engine of Dizzyegg’s during the battle time is also available.
  • Many explorations, intentions, and inquiries are needed to utilize the game.


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