Pokemon Sour Crystal ROM v4.0 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon Sour Crystal
Version v4.0
Released DateJanuary 2, 2024

Previous Version [v3.0]


This Crystal hack, generally known as the Pokemon Sour Crystal ROM, is a very advanced gameplay. It will help the players in playing the hack too much more distinguished. It has great importance as we come to know here. Because it is made for a long duration of approximately 5 years. So this is an upgraded as well as a needful one. Remembering the future attraction, this ROM has been created with the mindset of modifying for the ‘current-gen’. The game was organized standardly with the growth of time. Surprisingly, this gameplay has been designed based on the authentic story and remains fixed in the nostalgic feel.

In this ultimate ROM, there are a variety of features. Users can also be helpful while playing this game. Especially for the newer i.e. the latest players it is more comfortable so that they can easily run the game. A system like PPS & Pokeride by which the players can easily travel and ride the Pokemon.


  • Approximately there are 200+ new animated front sprites with the palette that are upgraded.
  • The Physical is used for the dark & the special type is used for the Ghost i.e. There is no break up of Phys/special split.
  • A lot of things such as move pools, base stats, attacks, effects, and base power are modified up to the reflection of the 8th Generation.
  • The newly constructed routes 47/48 are attached here as well as the cliff caves from the plot HGGS.
  • Various types of forests that are yellow are taken from the polished Crystal.
  • The core region of Kanto has been expanded to the size 1:1 along with the 1st generation.
  • In the forest, the fruit trees have been divided into the Berry trees which is captivating also.
  • Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo, the specific Pokemon are now available in HGSS.


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