Pokemon Clover ROM v1.3.3 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Clover
Developer4chan’s /vp/
Released DateOctober 4, 2023

Useful Information


Pokemon Clover is a new GBA ROM hack of FireRed and with the new update, it become a more enjoyable game. This game began in the new region of the map named Fochun. The area is becoming a new one and has brand new features that will make the users impressive through the gameplay surely. The quality having the area is widely regarded for its good & sincere signs to keep the players interested here. Besides these, there are most probably 386 FakeMons which are authentic & new also. They put the reputation of quartz to shame.

On the V/P/ board, the project Clover has been undertaken, a renowned one in this region within the gameplay. This project is now going for the making of a team i.e. squad but this project remains unnamed. The Project was inaugurated from near about 2015 & continued as a janky FireRed rehash. From then & till now it has become fully furnished & an entire ROM. It is filled with a lot of features such as new maps, characters, stories, and a completely original soundtrack. It is the gameplay full of enjoyment & users will benefit by playing the ROM.


  • Here users may find the adventure full of fun among the two regions with extravagant features.
  • Almost the 386 monsters in terms of Fakemons have been designed based on the V/P/ board.
  • The soundtrack is accustomed to listening to the users according to their choice.
  • The supreme battle engine used for the battle is standard in the 7/8 generation & besides that, the background is customized too.
  • You observe the berry trees in the forest in Apparent GSC-style.
  • For the earliest character, the sprite is portrayed.
  • Grottos & Phenomena, a special mechanic hides in the map’s region.
  • You will become rich in the grand world with the sidequests & secrets.


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