Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM v7.40 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Super Gold 97
Released DateMarch 19, 2023

Previous Version [v6.04]


Super Gold starts the game where the user sets out on a journey to help Professor Oak research Pokemon. Professor Oak will give the first Pokemon and the trainer has to catch more to complete Pokedex. Professor Oak will research all about the Pokemon. The more research is done, the more knowledge arises. You have crossed Nihon based in Japan. There you will learn the tricks of catching Pokemon, Then you will win a few batches. There are several things player will encounter on their journey. There are both evil or enemy terms are available such as Team Rocket and Team Flash. They are very dangerous because they have stolen many Pokemon with powerful technology. You have to save your life with the help of Pokemon.

Here, the players find various types and abilities of Pokemon. This game’s cool music and smooth graphics are fully pulled from the Space World demo. Usually needed during trading and evolution it allows covenant Orb. There are two types of evolved stones available which are: Heart stone and poison stone are available. To become or participate in the league you have to pass 8 Gyms. While you spend some time with the game center you get many rewards give him. This game has new post-game and new key items added.


  • This game’s graphics are smooth and fully pulled from the Space World demo.
  • Here this game 251 Pokemon and Pokedex are available.
  • Players can find Evolution Stone with which Pokemon evolve like Heart Stone and Poison Stone.
  • To get to the League you have to pass 8 gyms.
  • Here you can find a new post-game and new key items available.


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