Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge ROM v2.5.0 [Pre-Patched] Download

ROM NamePokemon FR Advanced Challenge
Released DateJune 16, 2021


FR Advanced Challenge Pokemon ROM adds interesting and challenging double battles to all Pokemon with lots of balance. It has been added to make all Pokemon relevant and useful. Changes were made to help and improve Pokemon that were never burned in VGC or Smogon. Use new move sets and items along with new and challenging double battles to enjoy the fun here. All Pokemon have one egg move in their learning set. The Pokémon’s abilities that were considered ineffective or annoying were replaced. All mons are available in 3rd generation without the need to trade.

In this game, you can find evolution stones purchased from Celadon City. Also, find the National Dex which is a very important item in the game. More than that, users can use the infinite TMs and 5th-generation Repel system during gaming. Feel free to utilize the extraordinary legendary Pokemon Ditto, especially in the battle.


  • Here you can see the Repel system from B2/W2.
  • In this game, many facilities in the EV Training Lab are available.
  • You can find now the legendary Pokemon breedable with Ditto.
  • Explore the Berry Vendor from the Lavender Town.
  • The game offers evolution stones that are purchased from Celadon City.


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